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Message from Hiro’s parents


Our son Hiro was born on November 9th, 2014. Immediately after birth, multiple congenital heart defects were discovered and Hiro had to be hospitalized to receive medical treatment at a local hospital. He was eventually diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart), as well as left ventricular non-compaction (a disease which causes a hole in his heart, limiting its ability to pump blood properly). As a result of these conditions, at the age of 2 months old, Hiro was transferred to the University of Tokyo Hospital to undergo surgery to narrow his pulmonary artery, in hopes of trying to reduce the stress on his heart.
 Over the following year, we tried to see if his long-term condition could be improved via non-surgical medical treatments, but he kept needing to be hospitalized over and over again due to his poor condition.
 Hiro suffered heart failure again in August 2016, causing his prospects for non-surgical medical treatments to fade. He then underwent surgery to install a pediatric auxiliary artificial heart (Berlin Heart EXCOR), which allowed him to recover some of his mobility and activity. However, this artificial heart is, at best, only a temporary measure. At this point, the only way for Hiro to be able to live a normal life is to receive a heart transplant.
 In order to save Hiro, we must ask for your kind support. We fully realize that this is a selfish request, but in order for Hiro to be able to live a healthy life with his family, we humbly ask for your help.
Hajime and Reiko Inamoto

Request for donations


In 2010, Japan’s organ transplant law was revised to legalize organ transplantation for children, but over the past 6 years only 4 heart transplants have taken place. The prospects for Hiro to receive a successful heart transplant within Japan are extremely low. While Hiro is connected to the artificial heart, he is in constant danger of infection or blood clots which could lead to stroke or cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, in order to save Hiro’s life, his parents have made the decision to try to bring him to the United States to undergo heart transplant surgery.
 Hiro's doctors from Tokyo University hospital have worked hard on his behalf; as a result, the Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) in New York City has taken on Hiro's case. Unfortunately, the heart transplant in the United States must be paid for privately without any support from insurance companies or public medical aid. Since he is connected to an auxiliary artificial heart, Hiro must be transported to CUMC from Japan via a special purpose airplane and will be hospitalized there while waiting for a suitable transplant donor. The total cost for transportation and treatment will exceed 2.5 million US dollars and is far beyond what an average family can afford.
 Therefore, we decided to start the Charity to Save Hiro and are gathering donations so he can get a heart transplant, get healthy, and eventually be able to live with his family. In order to save Hiro, we ask for your kind support and help.
Contact Person, Yuichi Miyamoto
(translated by Charles Chen)

Please visit our Gofundme page to donate and help save Hiro!

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